Gmail Icon Notifier 0.5 Beta

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Gmail Icon Notifier 0.5 Beta

Post by lll NguyenDienTu lll on Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:27 am

[color:30ca="Red"]Gmail Icon Notifier 0.5 Beta
Freeware - Size: 1.07MB - Link rapidshare & megaupload

Gmail Icon Notifier not only Notifies you of new email in your Gmail account
The main program is the "Google Icon Notifier" this is a little app that uses the Gmail ATOM feed for your account to notify you of new email and update the number of unread emails for your system.

The next is a small app for setting Gmail to handle mailto links. The "Gmail Integration Helper" will send the mailto links to Gmail. If you provide your user name and password to the Gmail Icon Notifier it will also be able to sign you into your gmail account.

The last piece here
is the "Gmail Registration Helper" (I know I have the most original names.) This little guy fulfills the requirements for a windows app to be listed in the Program Access and Defaults in Windows XP and Vista.

The three programs together allow you to use Gmail as the default for every thing the OS offers except attachments.

Just install the file below to start using Gmail as your DEFAULT email program

Here are some key features of "Gmail Icon Notifier":

· Notifies you of new email.
· Adds Gmail as the Default Email Icon in the Start Menu.
· Automatically signs you into your Gmail account.
· Updates the number of unread emails
· (useful on things like the G15 keyboard and laptops with the little email light)
· Adds Gmail to the list of Default Email Programs.
· Supports multiple Gmail Accounts


· .NET Framework 2.0

What's New in This Release:

· Added Support for Hosted Accounts - Just use your hosted email address the program does the rest.
· The Popup Notifier no longer steals focus - However it also looses the ability to stay on top of other windows.
· Should no longer give errors sometimes when Firefox does not respond quick enough.
· Should also not give errors during mailto actions in Vista.
· Added Custom Alert timers from off to an hour.
· Fixed a problem that would cause the Google folder to open instead of the program.... ong8ba8GmailIconNotifier05BetaSetup.exe.html 59O731R0
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