Tinh Vo? Tra^n Chn (5/30) News

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Tinh Vo? Tra^n Chn (5/30) News

Post by lll NguyenDienTu lll on Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:36 am

Jordan Chan takes center stage in the new period drama Chen Zhen, a follow-up to 2007's Huo Yuan Jia. Chan reprises his role as titular hero Chen Zhen, a fictional figure that attained iconic status through Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury and was previously portrayed by Donnie Yen in a popular ATV drama. Produced by renowned Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan, Chen Zhen co-stars Mainland starlet Dong Jie (2046) and Hong Kong actor Terence Yin (The Heavenly Kings), as well as Tang Yifei, Norman Tsui, Leung Kar Yan, Liu Zihao, and Chu Yinan. Veteran action director Benz Kong To Hoi (Twins Mission) stays close to Bruce Lee's fighting style by spurring theatrics and wirework in favor of simple, intense action scenes.

After the passing of master Huo Yuan Jia, Chen Zhen (Jordan Chan) leaves Shanghai and moves to Beiping with Huo's only son Dongjiao. Keeping his identity a secret, Chen takes on a job at the Fang manor and dedicates himself to raising and teaching Dongjiao, hoping that he can continue in his father's footsteps. Though Chen wants to stay low, he is forced into action when disputes between the Fang family and their rivals explode to the forefront. With his identity revealed, Chen is pulled back into the conflicts of the time as tensions between the Chinese and Japanese reach a boiling point. On the eve of a Japanese invasion, Chen Zhen must rise to the occasion and lead his people to defend their homeland.

Phim Mới Ra - Tinh V Trần Chn 30 Tập

Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 01-a
Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 01-b

Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 02-a
Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 02-b

Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 03-a
Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 03-b

Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 04-a
Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 04-b

Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 05-a
Arrow Tinh V Trần Chn Tập 05-b

Cn Tiếp.

Link Download :

Phim dạng: Dvd rip
Phim di : 30 Tập
Link size : 440 MO
Host : Megaupload
Lồng Tiếng : US

01 megaupload.com VLVTHEHD
02 megaupload.com 38O4LF2K
03 megaupload.com FFJTG9GE
04 megaupload.com 2S9CUTAD
05 megaupload.com Q5Q4FPTG
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